Course Tour

Lisheen Springs is one of the best courses in the county. Designed by Dr. Nick Bielenberg, it is an open par 72 parkland course set on over 200 acres in the gently sloping valley of the Lisheen River which features throughout the course design. Lisheen Springs Golf Club was formed in July 2012 but the course itself has been enjoyed since 2002 and has been listed in the top 100 courses in the country as well as having hosted many top PGA, GUI & ILGU events. One of its particular strengths is its state of the art drainage which allows it to be open all year round, an important factor in delivering good playing conditions during wet periods of weather.

Comprising four par 5s, ten par 4s and four par 3s stretching over 7000 yards you will be tested by disguised landing areas, deceptive carries and the ever present threat of water.

The artistry of the course design has embraced Mother Nature and ensures that all levels of golfers will need to display equal measures of caution and courage to survive with score intact. Our superb practice facilities comprise of driving range, 2 practice greens and short game area allow you to develop your game independently or with the help of our club professional Raymond Burns.

There are no hidden difficulties on the double dog leg par 5. Played as a three shotter the lay-up position is to the left of the green and the mound on the far right. For the better player the second shot must carry the mound to reach the green target.

The best strategy for this hole is to play left of the fairway to take the bunker and steep slope on the right of the green out of the line of the second shot as far as possible. The second shot played off line to the right of the green makes for a very difficult recovery.

The elevated tee on this hole shows clearly what needs to be done. Done go left, right or over!

Although the bigger hitters may want to take on the bunkers and the mound on the left, the best line is to favour the right hand side of the fairway. The job in hand to this elevated green is plain to see with two protecting bunkers, front left and middle right.

This is a relatively straight forward hole to and undulating green, the dangers being the gorse hedge on the left and a deep bunker front right.

This is an intriguing risk reward hole which turns almost at right angles to the left. As a three shotter the second shot should be played towards the fairway bunker on the right which opens up a long and narrow two tiered green with a downward slope at the rear. Played as a two shotter not only is a long drive to the left of the fairway required, but the second shot has to cross terminally hazardous waste ground to a shallow angle to the green. And more...

The best line of attack here is to the left part of the fairway which requires flirting with a line of gorse bushes and a lateral drain. The second shot uphill to a two tiered green requires good club selection.

The tee position here gives 360 degree views of the magnificent surrounding countryside of the three Counties. There is another plateau green which falls away on all sides where club selection is crucial.

Wind direction will dictate the line of the tee shot here, but the deep hell bunker on the left should be avoided at all costs. Green side bunkering is well short of the green and will deceive players who do not study their yardage.

I think that this is a very good hole which reguires an accurate tee shot between the tall trees and an out-of-bounds at the landing area, followed by a second shot over a deep valley onto a plateau green which steeply slopes away on all sides. A 3 Wood may be the best option of this tee. The wind will normally play a big factor in the second shot.

A deep valley comes into play in this hole. The ground slopes away steeply to the left. The tee shot should favour the right onto this undulating green.

This is a wonderful tee shot from an elevated position where one of the lakes comes very much into play, as well as a nest of bunkers on the left hand side. While some may favour a 3 Wood off the tee for accuracy, the longer drive is definitely rewarded by giving a better angle for the approach shot to a difficult green which is protected by the water on the right and an encroaching bunker on the left.

This is an unusual and interesting Par 5 where water is a constant threat. The hole doglegs to the right at about 225 meters and water threatens on the second and third shot. The better player can chew off some of the dog leg, but risks a threatening Lisheen River. Attempting to get up in two risks a small pond to the left of the green.

While this hole from appearances does not present any undue difficulties, a long straight drive is required and an errant one will be punished for the second shot. The two tier green nestles naturally into a hill and is protected by two deep bunkers.

There are numerous strategic options to play this hole with three large stepping stones over the Lisheen River and one of its tributaries. The safest strategy is to play short and right of the first stream , with lay-up short and left of the Lisheen River on the second shot, leaving a pitch to the generously sized green. An alternative is to take on the Lisheen River to the fairway on the right of the green, involving a more difficult shot but easier pitch. The top players looking for a birdie or an eagle will probably drive left and over the first stream, setting up the opportunity of making the putting surface in two.

Many would regard this as the signature hole. The contoured green is set into a steep hill with the large lake both front and right. The bale-out area can be stymied by two large hawthorn bushes. Regardless of result you will remember this hole.

This is a long hole and requires considerable finesse. The fairway is sloped to the left therefore the tee shot should favour the right. The green is guarded by a narrow entrance, and this is deceptive due to a valley short of the green.

This dogleg right and uphill, with the clubhouse in the background, is a fitting climax to the round. The green is severely tiered and deceptively long where two putts will always be accepted with gratitude, particularly when you are being watched by your colleagues in the bar.